Happy Mother’s Day

Fathers’ Rights is often misconstrued as anti-women and anti-mothers.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Fathers’ Rights is about equality, not misogyny.  The roles of both Mother and Father in the parenting process is vital.  You cannot diminish the importance of Motherhood without diminishing Fatherhood.

I tried to find a kitchy quote on Motherhood to use in this blog post.  Interestingly, the impulse to find such a quote is a habit I inherited from my Mother.  I’ve been blessed to observe mothering by many different mothers, including my own Mother, my wife, my grandmothers, my aunts, my sisters in law and many others.  If I could sum up my observations with one statement, I would say “Mothering is awesome!”  I mean this not in the way the Bill and Ted or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would use the word awesome but as in awe-inspiring and awe-creating.  Overpoweringly significant.

From the world of COVID-19 quarantine, I observed mothering in its finest and purest form.  My wife, taking work phone conferences and reviewing data on a giant computer screen, all from the kitchen table, and all while intermittently directing our son to various activities to keep him happy and occupied.  The whirring of the sewing machine as she volunteered many hours, well into the night, putting together protective masks for health care workers.  The care and concern she showed for family members, co-workers and total strangers.  My own Mother, the middle school principal, working all hours of the day, despite school not being in session, striving to be a boon of strength and support to her students and staff, many of whom do not have positive parental-role-models in their lives.  Driving through her neighborhood so she can show love and support for her neighbors by waving to them as they sit on their porches.

As a young man, whenever I heard men speak this way about their wives and mothers, I would often think “I wonder what he did at home that he’s making up for with this speech?”  I don’t doubt that many of those men thought a public speech was gratitude enough for the good influence of women in their lives.  As I am now grown, and have a child of my own, I strive for something greater.  The greatest gratitude I can give my wife and Mother is my support and facilitation of mothering.  As men, we cannot disrespect or dismiss the mothers of our children without doing harm to those children.  I often thank God for the influence of women and mothers in my life.  I wish mothers of the world a happy Mothers Day.

Brady T. Burr