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Perhaps the most challenging thing about two parents going through a divorce is no longer getting to spend every day with your child. As hard as that reality is, child custody, visitation arrangements, and court orders can help maintain close bonds and provide a stable environment for your child. 

In many child custody cases in Oklahoma City, the parents may negotiate a suitable custody and visitation agreement through their family law attorneys and submit it for approval to the family courthouse. However, when the other party doesn’t act responsibly for your child’s best interest, it may be necessary to get a hearing and judge’s ruling on the issue.

When the other party won’t act responsibly for your child’s best interest, it may be necessary to get a hearing and judge’s ruling on the issue. That’s why it’s crucial to work with an experienced child custody lawyer serving Oklahoma City, OK, on your custody case.

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Key Child Custody Issues in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, the majority of child custody matters involve some level of joint custody. That means both parents enjoy equal decisions on significant issues such as health care, education, nutrition, curfew, extracurriculars, and religious affiliation—among others. However, rarely are both parents on 100% equal footing, so you should keep these legal positions in mind when making a child custody arrangement.

It would be best to make a compelling custody claim about why you should have custody or full visitation privileges.

What Are Father's Rights in Oklahoma?

A father has no legal rights to child custody or visitation without a court order in Oklahoma state. In contrast, the mother is automatically given privileges regarding custody and visitation.

Learn more about father's rights in Oklahoma City.

Courts in Oklahoma Will Decide What Is in the Best Interests of the Children

The three main types of parental custody available in the state of Oklahoma are: 

  • Joint: Having joint legal custody means that you are on equal footing in parenting. Neither parent has greater legal rights, and the non-custodial parent generally has defined visitation privileges. This can be flexible when parents work together at a practical level; however, visitation schedules are enforceable.
  • Sole: One parent may be given sole custody of one or more minor children in rare custody cases. This is often due to an unfit parent who poses a child's danger. In addition, substance abuse, alcoholism, criminal behavior, or moral turpitude can result in the court either temporarily or permanently granting sole custody.
  • Split: When more than one child is involved in custody negotiations, the Oklahoma courthouse might decide that one sibling lives most of the time with one parent while another sibling lives with the other parent. In such decisions, parents will likely still have legal rights to their children even if they have limited physical custody. Split custody is unusual but may be granted in some child custody cases.

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Visitation Rights in OKC

Non-custodial parents generally enjoy defined visitation schedules when parents split. The courts in Oklahoma City favor a solid parent-child bond, and reasonable visitation supports that idea. These may also account for work schedules and other practical life issues. 

What is essential for non-custodial parents to keep in mind is that court-ordered visitation schedules are written in stone. The custodial parent does not have the right to deny you or change your parent-child time. 

If the parent does, they can file a contempt of court complaint. If they continue, you may be entitled to petition at the courthouse for a change in placement. Visitation rights are non-negotiable.

In circumstances where both parents or either parent of the child is deceased, grandparents or a grandparent can apply to the Family or Supreme Courthouse in Oklahoma City for visitation privileges.

Learn more information about grandparent rights in Oklahoma.

Work With Our Experienced Oklahoma City Child Custody Attorneys

Many parents choose to work together for the child’s welfare. But when the other party is unreasonable, our Oklahoma family law firm is ready to take them to the courthouse and litigate the issue. So if you face a child custody issue, contact the Burr Law Offices for a consultation.

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