Client Reviews

    "He is a good lawyer, takes his time to explain the situation at hand, gives you a lot of information about your case"
    He is a good lawyer, takes his time to explain the situation at hand, gives you a lot of information about your case.
    - Yaa
    "Mild Mannered and Approachable"
    His approach is thoughtful and well managed. He listens attentively, takes great notes, and can explain complex issues and litigation in very easy-to-understand terms.
    - Eric
    "Excellent Lawyer"
    He is efficient in getting the paperwork that you need for whatever reason you need it.
    - Sarah
    "I am very happy with the experience I had."
    Everything went very well and he was happy to advise me on the follow up questions that I had.
    - Former Client
    "He did a great job of protecting my interests."
    I would recommend him for anyone that has been wrongfully sued.
    - Former Client
    "He had my back from the initial consultation through and after the divorce proceedings."
    His level of communication was constant and provided me with both an understanding of the requirements but represented me well in correspondence, telephonically, and in the court.
    - James
    "Brady did an excellent job assisting me with my divorce proceedings."
    He was there for me the whole time with answers to any questions I had and conducted himself in an utmost professional manner.
    - David S.
    "I would highly recommend Brady."
    He was always quick to respond and answer any questions I had or deal with issues I had during my divorce.
    - Former Client
    "He helped me win my case."
    Brady is an excellent lawyer, he’s highly intelligent and accurate.
    - Annabel
    "Knowledgeable, kind, and helpful."
    I contacted Brady about a difficult matter. He was eager to help and took the time to look into the case to see if it was something he could help me with before charging. He was very knowledgeable, kind, and helpful.
    - Melisa
    "Fought for me and communicated with me"
    Speaking as a father who's children were just introduced back into my life with the help of Brady. I can promise from personal experience, Brady Burr is nothing short of an experienced and reliable attorney when it comes to defending father's rights in the courtroom. My case was not an easy one, it started it in April of 2020 and did not end until May of 2021. I won. Mr. Burr fought for me and communicated with me every step of the process. I can not recommend Brady enough to any father's who need their rights upheld in court and their children in their lives.
    - Chris
    "Very courteous, helpful"
    Brady was very courteous, helpful and always standby your side throughout the process. Highly recommended to use his services.
    - Lily
    "He is the man!"
    For grandparents that are clueless about the law regarding their grandchildren, he is the man! He was very informative and extremely down to earth. He explained the court process and my worries definitely were minimized. I will continue to work with and always recommend him. He's awesome!!!!
    - LaRhonda
    "Professional and friendly"
    I would highly recommend Brady Burr. He helped me with creation of a will and estate planning. Everyone in his office was professional and friendly. Always returned calls and messages and let me know how things were going. Would definitely feel comfortable about using him again for any legal needs.
    - Gary
    "Gratitude for his professionalism"
    I live in Seattle and needed help with a probate estate of my stepfather in OKC. I found him on-line. We were able to do everything via phone and email. He was thorough, thoughtful and knowledgeable. He called me when needed and returned all emails and phone calls promptly. He kept me abreast of the developments. I already recommended him to another relative in OKC. He has my respect and gratitude for his professionalism and getting me through the process. I recommend him without reservation.
    - David
    "Helped me navigate the unknown"
    I would highly recommend Brady for family law needs. He handled my divorce in a competent and precise manor. He was honest with me and helped me navigate the unknown. He was also level headed when my emotions got the best of me. He also returned phone calls and emails in a timely manner. Highly recommend
    - Megan
    "Truly an answer to prayer"
    I could go on and on about what an excellent attorney Brady Burr is. Not only was he extremely effective in the courtroom, at trial, but he also helped me check my unnecessary impulses to go back and forth with the other party, making the process leading up to trial as efficient and cost effective as I imagine it could be. Brady stepped into an already long, drawn out custody case and really helped me navigate some very trying moments. Successfully. I felt that at all times his interests went beyond "winning;" rather, his counsel took in the bigger picture and focused on finding fair, equitable and hopefully lasting solutions to the particular issues in my case. For me, Brady was truly an answer to prayer.
    - Jason
    "Professional, effective, understanding"
    As my lawyer I found Brady to be professional, effective, understanding and non-condescending towards me, which I think can be hard to find among lawyers. He also came across as highly ethical. I felt he was very reasonable and fair towards the other side while of course still protecting my rights, which I feel in my case contributed to a resolution outside of the courtroom, and to an overall more favorable outcome for myself and I believe for all involved. I highly recommend Mr. Burr.
    - Shon
    "Step Parent Adoption success"
    He was very knowledgeable in everything needed to complete a step parent adoption. It was finalized within the timeframe he estimated.
    - anonymous
    My lawyer has been very helpful, he went above & beyond to get me back my children we are currently s working on child support now and I'm positive of greater news in the end. Brady is the best of all amd I highly recommend him.
    - Tutu
    "Will not be intimidated."

    I hired Mr. Burr because my ex-husband was dragging his feet on the divorce. My ex-husband tried to have everything his way on his time. Brady stood up to his overpriced attorney and didn't let him bully anyone. We also had to have mediation. Mr. Burr made sure that it was affordable for me. Even now that it is finalized I still contact Brady for advice.
    I would recommend him!

    - anonymous
    "Excellent Attorney for Child Custody Issues"
    Brady Burr was very professional, thorough in understanding my issues concerning child custody with my ex-husband, he was very patient with me as a client and answered any questions I had concerning my case. He is reasonable with payment and was reachable within reasonable timeframe. He listened to all the information I gave him for my case and was clear on what information I needed for my case and what direction my case would be going. He was also compassionate towards the concerns I had regarding my the end my ex-husband and I reached a settlement agreement within a reasonable time. I am now having him help me with another child custody issue concerning relocation. I highly recommend Brady Burr for Child Custody cases.
    - anonymous
    "He helped me get my son back, there aren't enough stars to rate that."
    Brady helped me get my son back after I had spent many years raising him on my own, but after a set back in life, his mother took him in for a couple of months and I was ready to pick him up she then decided she wasn't going to let me see him anymore because she wanted money. He handled the case professionally and gave me sound advice and reassured me even when I would get overwhelmed and frustrated. He knows when to take immediate action and he also knows when to switch to playing the long game. You have to trust him, he's very good at reading the situation. He always keeps his composure and calmness, which is beneficial for anyone who acts on impulse, like myself. We could have rushed the case but because he was patient, and diligent, she made mistakes which turned the case into a done deal and my son is now with me and he has his own choice of who he stays with and for how long. That's all I wanted from the beginning given he was almost 16. But because his mother was so determined to go against me and my son's wishes Brady knew to wait it out and it worked. People have a hard time trusting lawyers but trust me, you can trust Brady, he will always tell you the truth, regardless.
    - anonymous
    "Great Results"
    Brady did a great job for me. I was sued wrongfully by an apartment complex. Brady not only got the matter settled in court, he got back $600 from the complex and had the suit thrown out so I could get the item off my credit. I would recommend him for anyone that has been wrongfully sued. He did a great job of protecting my interests.
    - anonymous
    "Personally involved"
    Brady is a lawyer that won’t loose track of you or your case. He is personally involved in all aspects. He helped ensure the best coparenting opportunity for my kids and I with my ex wife! It’s not easy navigating a divorce but having him as my council was something that was an easy choice from the beginning to the end.
    - Michael
    "Good, kind people"
    Mr. Burr was Delightful, his assistant Robbie was so kind and listened to my worries. no matter how many times i repeated them. She never made me feel like i was a bother, Cristy the office manager IS WONDERFUL TO ! Mr. Burr is one of a kind. and explains everything to you without hesitation!! although i didnt need to retain them in the end, i wanted to just share my experience, because in a time where you need a divorce attorney having good, kind people is really important! I will be coming to Mr. Burr for all my troubles.
    - Charlote
    "10x better"
    Had to find a new lawyer he was recommend by my family member and he was 10x better than my last lawyer, very great has been on the ball since the moment i brought him my case. As well as Hannah who always emails me back when i have questions !
    - Nathaly
    "Highly Recommend"
    Mr. Burr is an awesome attorney he really help me and my husband get Guardianship of our Grandson I will never use any one else he was very professional with a great attitude and he was awesome about helping us understanding everything about getting guardianship and always answered all of our questions always returned our calls we highly recommend Mr Brady Burr
    - Tanisha
    "Reassured me with great confidence"
    I didn't know anything about divorce. I was scared and didn't know what to do. I found Brady Burr online and read his great reviews. I prayed and knew he was the best attorney to help me. The only thing I did was sit at his office and cried. He and his assistant Christi made me feel better. My divorce was long, hard and exhausting. Brady always reassured me with great confidence that everything was going to be alright. He never wavered in his ability to represent me never. I wasn't the easiest client. I had my downs and more downs. When I would email or call him. He responded quickly. Brady and his assistant Christi are the best. I will never forget what they did for me. I highly recommend Brady Burr. I never write reviews. Brady Burr and his assistant Christi are the exception. I had to share my experience.
    - Susannah
    "Good advice"
    Brady is really insightful. He gave me a lot of good advice and has the best esteem I found for a child support case
    - Teddy
    "Great care and patience"
    Mr. Burr handled my case with great care and patience. His knowledge and experience were very useful and proved invaluable. I would recommend his law office to anyone as he has an integrity that is hard to find among his profession.
    - Scott
    "Recommend him to all"
    I have used Brady twice now, both completely separate issues over 2 years apart. He was constantly incommunicatiin with me and resolved my issues quickly and without delays. He advised me of all my options and allowed me to make choices and changes to all drafts before issuing them. I would recommend him to all my family and friends.
    - Chelsea
    "Very gracious and understanding"
    Brady handle my case with precision and patience. He could have went in guns blazing but instead he decided to play it like chess and made smart decisions at the precise time which helped me get custody of my son. It took a very long time, but in the end he was right, let things calm down, allow her to believe she was winning and then boom, she made a mistake and within hours of her not following court orders my son was in my house and we were settling the agreement within days. It worth every penny. I'm so very blessed to have had a lawyer as patient as Brady because I know that I can be difficult when I'm frustrated, and he was so very understanding and he never doubted my honesty about my raising my son and him living with me most of his life. I could go on and on about how awesome Brady was for me and my son. He played the long game which can become expensive with any attorney, but it paid off and he was very gracious and understanding when it came to payments. Brady will work with you on payments, you better pay him because he is earning every bit of it working for you.
    - Red
    "Attentive and straight forward"
    Mr. Burr recieves my highest recommendations to anyone seeking a great attorney. He is very attentive and straight forward during the entire process. I am thankful as I was able to gain custody of my daughter! From my entire family and myself thank you Mr. Burr!
    - Jared